Are Nicktoons Invading Esports? : New Nicktoon Knockout Tournament

1000 USD Prize Target
Sponsored Prize Pool TOURNAMENT TYPE
Single Elimination BRACKET TYPE

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a brand new game part of the latest trend to mix nostalgia and with a long-time esports title. This game is a platform fighter with mechanics most closely resembling the Super Smash Bros. series. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is not only a playground of nostalgia for 90s kids but a multigenerational title including characters from shows like Rugrats in the 90s, Danny Phantom in the 00s, and shows long after like The Loud House. There is something for every generation of Nickelodeon fans. There is also something in this game for fans of the Super Smash Bros. games. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl serves both gamers looking for a new fighting title to demonstrate their skills or casual players that want a bit of nostalgia from their childhood. 

There are currently 20 characters available to play, spanning 13 Nickelodeon shows. There are also 20 stages that correlate with each of the available characters, taking gamers from the depths of Bikini Bottom to the heights of the Western Air Temple. The objective of the game is to knock the other players off of the stage. Through numerous types of attacks and combos, players inflict damage on each other, reflected as a percentage. More damage means a greater percentage, making it easier to knock opponents off of the stage. Though the mechanics and the objective of the game are similar to Super Smash Bros., the game takes a new spin incorporating a few unique mechanics, such as strafing, and is a bit faster paced. 

With the game released recently, in early October, Community Gaming, in partnership with ThunderPals, is hosting one of the first tournaments for this title. The Nicktoon Knockout $1000 Tournament takes place on October 16th at 3pm. Players will play 4 stock, 6 minute rounds in a double-elimination bracket. The top 16 of the tournament will have a payout from the 1000$ prize pool. 

There is plenty of room for anyone interested in competing in one of the first tournaments for this title. Up to 128 players from the NA can register to play on PC. 

Sign ups can be done on the Tournament Page and any questions about the tournament can be answered in the Discord. Come make history and try to be one of first few to claim a championship title for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Follow Community Gaming on social media, including Twitter @CommunityGaming, to stay up to date with all our future fighting tournaments as well.

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