Dota 2 Contract Complete: Up the Ante Recap

Offchain Tournament TOURNAMENT TYPE
Single Elimination BRACKET TYPE

On June 19th, Community Gaming held it’s highest prize-pool Dota 2 event as of yet. With a minimum team average requirement being divine and up, 27 of NA and SA’s top teams such as Dogchamp, 5ManMidas, and Infinity Esports competed for a $2,500 prize pool with bonus contracts to claim ranging from $10-$60. 

The livestream was hosted by an amazing casting crew that kept you on the edge of your seat for all of the Dota Action.

We started with an upset, with team Atwin beating 5ManMidas 2-1. Then moved onto another heated match between Minimum Waige and Infinity Esports. Our crew went on to cast the Winner, Infinity gaming, in a match against another top seeded team: Dogchamp where they stole the series in a 2-0.

While most teams chose the competitive route, TMU went bounty hunting in their second game collecting: Sniped, Richie rich, No cookies, Gambit, Chessed, and Wards are for Casuals all in one series versus Zone Cubil Gamers. Choosing ursa to get the cheesed contract and io to teleport him to the enemy fountain to get the sniped contract.

On the lower portion of the brackets, after beating 5ManMidas and Typical NA, Atwin was finally defeated in quarterfinals by cool people (I promise) 2-1. Cool People (I promise) moved on to defeat PRAVDA FREESTYLE 2-0, securing their place in finals while Infinity gaming swept up the top side of the bracket to meet them for finals which were scheduled the following day, and casted by Neph, Virsatus, and Logical.

Infinity took the finals 2-0 against cool people (I promise) and afterwards participated in a fantastic winners interview.

Final Standings

1st: $1250 – Infinity 

2nd: $550 – cool people (I promise)

3rd: $225 – TMU


5th-8th: 50 – Atwin, Still Winnable, Dogchamp, and SG. Energy 

9th-16th: $25 – Real Deal, GodGenesis.Young, Minimum Waige, Deathly Prophet, Mighty Grapes, Balrogs team, and Typical NA.

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