How to Create a Tournament on the Ethereum Mainnet

Apply to be an organizer!

Once your application has been approved you will receive the organizer dashboard. Click the new tab and you will see a button that says ‘Create New Tournament’. Click it and it will bring you to a page where you can fill in your tournament’s information!


The basic details are pretty standard. If you don’t see a game you want to host a tournament for in our drop down menu, please reach out to us and we will have it added asap!

The date is the date of the tournament, NOT the date that registration is open. If you choose to toggle the ‘Unlisted’ option, it will make your tournament private and you will have to have a link to join. If your tournament is listed, it will show up on our home page or in the explore tab and anyone will be able to join your tournament.

Be mindful when filling in the description. Their is a template that covers the majority of the necessities but we recommend writing up a full ruleset to link in the description.

Choosing your blockchain!

The prize details section is where you have the opportunity to choose which blockchain you want to deploy your tournament on.

Once you choose the Ethereum Blockchain, you will be able to fill in your prize pool target. You can choose to put either a dollar amount or the total amount of ETH. You have the option to toggle whether or not the amount of ETH in the prize pool will adjust based on the current market.

Next, you will need to fill in the bracket details. You will NOT be able to change these once you create the tournament. It is better to over shoot the amount of teams you anticipate will sign up than under. If you don’t have enough space, you will not be able to expand the bracket.

Now that you have finalized your bracket details you are going to decide on the prize distribution details. The amounts are up to you, they MUST add up to 100% or it will not allow you to create the tournament. You can also take a percentage of the prize pool as the organizer! We believe our organizers should get paid for the hard work that they do.

Final Details

Now that you have finished the fun blockchain portion of the tournament creation process (you didn’t even realize it did you?), you are close to done! You can choose to add additional registration questions. A common question is a user’s Discord username to coordinate check-in and things of that nature. As the tournament organizer, you will be able to choose whether or not this information will be visible to the other competitors.

Once you finish and create your tournament, you will be able to go into the tournament and upload a cover photo and thumbnail using the ‘Organizers Actions’ button. You will also be able to edit the tournament details in this drop down menu!

Cover Photo Dimensions – 1920x560px

Thumbnail Dimensions –  350x200px


You have created your tournament on the Ethereum Mainnet! Enjoy those transparent automatic payouts! For additional tools such as logo assets please check out our Tournament Organizer package!

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