Pokémon Unite Esports Have Arrived

1000 USD Prize Target
Sponsored Prize Pool TOURNAMENT TYPE
Single Elimination BRACKET TYPE

For 25 years Pokémon has been at the cornerstone of popular culture in a multitude of different areas. Whether it be the hit TV series, the wildly popular card game, or it’s core RPG adventure video game series, the world of Pokémon has continued to grow and take the world by storm. While Nintendo and developer Game Freak have continued to push the envelope and dive into new types of games, their latest creation has the whole esports world talking.

MOBAs have been one of the most popular esports titles since League of Legends started their pro scene back in 2011. Many other MOBAs have come and gone, with other wildly popular games including Dota 2 and SMITE, to games that have been now abandoned like Heroes of the Storm. MOBA esports helped pave the way for FPS games to become more mainstream, and now Pokémon is taking their own crack at it. 

Introducing Pokémon Unite. While out since July, two teams of five compete against each other to score the highest amount of points and win the match. The top and bottom lane portions of the map have 3 Goal Zones where you can score points, while the central lane allows you to gain buffs by defeating bosses. Defeating wild Pokémon is the easiest way to level up and learn new moves on your way to victory.

While the world of Pokémon and MOBA fans rejoice, Community Gaming is among the first to offer a competitive setting for this new title. In partnership with Facebook Gaming, the Pokémon Unite $1,000 Tournament will be happening on October 9th. Registration is free, and teams finishing in the top 8 will receive part of the prize pool. 

Matches are a best of 3 until the finals, which will be a best of 5. The bracket is single elimination. The online only event will allow teams to have teams as big as 7 people with two substitutes spots. Check-in starts at 12PM EST, with games scheduled to start no later than 1:30PM EST. To complete registration, be sure to sign up both here AND here. One without the other will not allow you to compete in the event. 

Once you’ve completed registration, be sure to also join the Discord server and use the #Pokemon text channel to stay up to date on everything happening before and during the tournament. Last but not least, be sure to also submit your roster once all the other steps are done at this link here

Thanks to CG and Facebook Gaming, you could be part of one of the first events for what could become one of the hottest new esports. It’s free to enter, you can win some money, and you can do it all with your friends. Plus, it’s being professionally produced and broadcasted for all to see on the official Facebook Gaming page for CG. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and we’ll see you there.   

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