Valorant Premier Series #2 Recap

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This past weekend Community Gaming held its second $5,000 Valorant Tournament. 64 teams battled it out in this last qualifier before the $10,000 main event happening early summer. 

A lot of notable teams made it out including our first tournament winners Decisive, followed by big names such as Complexity, SoaR Gaming, and Gen.G.  This was the first official tournament the brand new map “Breeze” was played on competitively after it was added to the game a few weeks ago. It was played 6 times across the tournament with both fans and players alike appreciating the breath of fresh air it added to the game. 

The biggest story to come out was the young team called “Teal Seam” defeating tournament favorites SoaR Gaming in the Semi-Finals to secure their spot in Grand Finals vs Complexity. 

The 15-year-olds “LarryBanks” and “Seven” stole the show on the tournament live stream with their flashy plays and amazing scores over the entire tournament. Although they eventually did fall to the powerhouse Complexity 2-0 in Grand Finals, but not before they showed everyone watching what they can do.

This is the first Valorant Series from Community Gaming. The instant payouts have been well received by the competitive gaming community and Community Gaming is thrilled to continue to remove hurdles that competitors and staff alike face when it comes to making esports events run smoothly.

Final Tournament Standings

Qualified Teams for the $10,000 Finale

Invited Teams for the $10,000 Finale

Thank you to all of our wonderful production staff

Not pictured, but were still an integral part of the broadcast and we very much appreciate:
Boggs –
Kurahaneko –
Zekken –

Post Tournament Reactions

What’s next for the Premier Series

Next up is the $10,000 Finale happening in early summer. Stay tuned to the blog and social media for more information!

Thank you all for making this another fantastic event!

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