Valorant Premier Series Finale: Recap

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This past weekend Community Gaming held its much-anticipated $10,000 Valorant Premier Series Finale. 

32 teams competed in this Finale, in a double-elimination bracket. In addition to the previously qualified teams, invited teams like ANDBOX and Gen.G Team Bumble were also allowed to compete. Both Complexity and Teal Seam had top finishes for the previous qualifiers and came in as the favorites to take home the championship prize. Both teams met up in the Winners Finals, as a rematch of the 2nd Community Gaming Qualifiers. Complexity won the matchup again, 2-0, making it into the Grand Finals. Teal Seam got knocked down to the lower bracket to try again for the much desired spot in the finals. However, they lost 5-13 to Immortals on Icebox. Immortals had a grueling journey into the finals. They went 2-1 against ex-Recon 5, then ultimately lost to YFP (1-2) in the 2nd round.

Getting knocked down to the lower bracket, Immortals had to get through a series of several best-of-one matches in the lower bracket before facing Teal Seam. To make it into Grand Finals, Immortals not only had to overcome the difficulties having to go through a lower bracket run, but also had one player, EmilShe1n, was averaging over 150 ping.

Grand Finals: Complexity vs. Immortals

Complexity looked liked the favorites, only dropping one map to make it into the Grand Finals to face Immortals. However, Immortals’ ShoT_UP was ready to fight back against Complexity, continuing to impress with clutches like these, earning a spot as one of the top fraggers of the entire tournament.

Even after an early drop into the lower bracket, Immortals managed to over come and win the series (2-0) against Complexity after two very close maps on Haven (16:14) and Icebox (13:11). 

Final Tournament Standings

The Top 3 finish goes to Immortals, Complexity, and Teal Seam. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful production staff involved in showcasing this series. We had an astounding five streams for the first day of bracket, allowing us to cover as many games as possible.

The Valorant Premier Series has been well received by the community.

Community Gaming isn’t done with Valorant tournaments just yet. They announced their new Valorant Contenders Circuit, the first tournament in NA to feature agent bans. They will host a qualifier series each week in September and October as an opportunity to earn points towards the Valorant Contenders Finale. The top 8 teams, based on the number of points, will qualify for the finals on October 29th. 

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